Helios Strategia Polska has been developing at the Polish solar energy market since 2017, and now it continues to expand dynamically in order to provide the largest share of renewable energy in the EU.

Solar EPC Company
Solar Partnership Group
General contractor for solar energy projects

Helios Strategia Polska

Solar EPC company (general contractor) that implements renewable energy projects of various scales and levels of complexity.

The company belongs to Helios Strategia Group — an international solar partnership group which develops solar energy projects on three continents.
Has been developing at the Polish solar energy market since 2017, and now it continues to expand dynamically in order to provide the largest share o f renewable energy in the EU.
The total capacity of completed projects realized by providing EPC
Fragmentary participation in solar energy projects
Solar Partnership Group
Of implemented projects, realized as EPC contractor
Total capacity of solar power plants with fragmentary participation of Helios Strategia Group
Of successful experience in the solar industry
Implemented in Poland
Solar power plants construction
Mission and corporate responsibility
We work to provide everyone with available, safe and environmentally-friendly energy at work, at home and during the rest
Solar Partnership Group
Our work is important and valuable; We disseminate our ideas and try to gather people with similar views that are open to innovation and new technologies.
Our team will make every effort to ensure that the contribution to the development of solar energy is as profitable as possible. The security of personal and commercial data, confidentiality of customer and project information are the basic principles of Helios Strategia.

Environmental protection is the company's main landmark. Sustainable development and development of ecological energy of the future is ensured by stable, trustworthy cooperation between the company and its clients.
We believe in the future, future of clean energy
Our clients receive
a guarantee
We ensure the safety of environment
Work Warranty
Our values
Helios Strategia is a team of creators who share the idea of clean energy and an improved world
Solar Partnership Group
We work to unite the society, investors and like-minded people around the idea of clean energy to create new possibilities
Pomysły łączą ludzi
For society
which is ready to admit its mistakes and accept the need for change.
For investors
who are ready to believe in these changes and become a part of them.
For like-minded people
including partners and manufacturers who supported these changes.
For global changes
which mentally breaks the patterns of human interaction with the environment
We create possibilities
We implement solar energy projects of various scales and levels of complexity
We prefer to participate in solar projects as EPC contractor, such a strategy allows us to minimize risk and guarantee a successful result
Victor Dovgan
Managing Director
Iren a Dukhovnikova
Head of Administration and Finance
Marchin Klein
Head of Investment Department
Petr Kovalchik
Head of Market Development
Alexandra Kosovich - Klein
Chief Accountant Tax Advisor
Damian Klenskala
Project Manager
Aneta Shkudlarek
Administrative Specialist
Igor Potapenko
Construction works manager
Dmitrij Glibko
Construction foreman
Konstantin Krasykov
Electrical works manager
Solar Partnership Group
Work Warranty
Group of partnership companies
Helios Strategia Polska Sp. z.o.o. is a member of the joint Capital Group controlled by the Managing Board, guided by the common investment interests of its companies:
Solar Partnership Group
Solar EPC Company
Group of general contractors at the field of solar energy
Helios Strategia develops renewable energy projects on three continents. Over 11 years of operation in global solar energy market, the group of companies has alr eady implemented projects with a total capacity of 1 GW.
Solar Partnership Group
Development of strong partnerships
Global Partners
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Solar Partnership Group